About Pollachi


Located in the southern part of Coimbatore, Pollachi is Nature’s treasure trove, awaiting to be explored. Pollachi is an epitome of beautiful landscapes, scenic roads, lush green lands with majestic mountain backdrops, cascading waterfalls, streams and lakes. At Thadam experiences, we believe responsible tourism is the most efficient tool to conserve the rich bio-cultural diversity of a place we tour. That’s why, we offer customised itineraries for travellers to provide a gateway to experience the rich native culture, heritage and bio-diversity of Pollachi. With us, your tour activity becomes  a real, wholesome experience. From the pristine nature walks amidst forests to rustic village tours where history and tradition come alive , there is something for the seeker in everyone.  Words to describe this Nature’s holy grail will only be an understatement. It has to be ‘Experienced’. So come experience every molecule of it. Nature’s preserved paradise is awaiting you! Here is how you can reach Pollachi.

Thadam Experiences, Pollachi, Anamalais

Credits – Naresh Venkat

About Thadam


A journey is best measured in experiences, rather than miles. At Thadam, we offer customised experiences for travellers by providing a gateway to experience the vibrant native culture, heritage of Pollachi and the rich bio-diversity of the Anamalais. Sometimes as travellers, we have to travel the extra mile seeking new landscapes, exploring new horizons and covering new grounds. Our Instructor-led trips focus on deciphering knowledge along with a tour activity that actualizes into a real, wholesome experience.

Come, stride on paths that are unexplored, stumble upon excitement while in pursuit of happiness, meet new people to understand you more. Experience the new, cause that’s when the core of man’s spirit comes alive!

Thadam will be an unforgettable path you choose in your long journey as a traveller.

Thadam Experiences, Pollachi, Anamalais

Travel Experiences for all: Our experiences cater to mixed groups of travellers and you are encouraged to plan your time and activity as you like unless an itinerary is requested of us, in such case, we offer suggested itineraries to help you imagine how your visit might be enjoyed to the fullest.