According to the content of "Inter Milan News", Inter Milan star Luisito Suarez (Luisito Suarez) said that Suning has no cultural heritage, they don't understand the ball, only know the money, the current Inter Milan is completely different from the previous Inter Milan. Suarez also said that Conte always keeps asking, and if he is not satisfied, he threatens to resign.

根据《国际米兰新闻》的内容,国际米兰球星路易斯·苏亚雷斯(Luisito Suarez)表示,苏宁没有文化底蕴,他们不了解球,只知道钱,目前国际米兰与此前的国际米兰。苏亚雷斯还说,孔戴一直在问,如果他不满意,他威胁要辞职。

Suarez said: “In the Chinese Inter Milan’s leadership team, I don’t know anyone (coming later), except for those (in the management) who have been there for many years. I have played for Inter for 9 years. Two European champions, Massimo (Moratti's son) and I have worked together for nearly 15 years.


"These (Chinese) gentlemen, they bought Inter Milan, their purpose is not to make Inter Milan great again, they are to do business. They are actually not interested in everything. They even changed the name of the sports center. Now the training ground has been crowned with the name "Suning"."


Suarez said that the Inter Milan training base is currently named "The Suning Training Centre in memory of Angelo Moratti", but Moratti's name is only "barely visible". In the name of the base, the main body and the most eye-catching part is "Suning".


Suarez said: “They (Suning) don’t have a football culture, they don’t understand football, they only know money. I don’t have a season ticket for Inter Milan, nor do my former colleagues, so I rarely go to Meazza. But if you say One day I want to go, I will call and ask for a ticket. I guess Suning will give me a ticket. I now know who I should call (when I want a ticket). Now Inter is another Inter, not our great Inter.


"(I will still watch every game of Inter Milan?) Yes, yes, of course, that’s my team. Conte leads the team this season. I see the team getting better. Juventus is no longer As strong as in previous years, Inter Milan can try to do something, I think so.


"(Regarding the Champions League Inter vs. Real Madrid.) Real Madrid have to be careful of our two forwards-Lukaku and Lautaro. They can score goals with ease, but in midfield, Inter Milan lacks a leader, lacks one. Commander. Inter Milan wants to buy Kanter, but Kanter is a player responsible for regaining the ball.


"But do you understand what I mean? Kanter is a player who has won the World Cup, but in the World Cup, Kanter's function is to intercept and steal. They (Inter Milan) did not buy Kanter because Chelsea did not Accept their offer. So now in midfield Inter Milan let Eriksson (to assume some of the functions of midfield commander).


"The Danish is an extremely good player, although in my opinion he seems to lack some personality. But if a game only allows Eriksson to play 10-20 minutes, then he can do nothing.


"(Don’t like Conte?) This coach has too many requirements. This is what I don’t like. Now Inter Milan’s performance has improved, but it is the players that make Inter Milan qualify for the Champions League.


Suarez said that Inter Milan won the Champions League qualification last season, which is a good result, but the reason for this result is not because of how smart Conte is, but because Conte keeps asking for signings. Inter Milan's performance is good because the current staffing is good, and the head coach's contribution is not great.


The Inter Milan star said: "Conte feels that he is the head of the club. He makes demands, demands and demands."


Suarez said that Conte’s current coaching team is a bit too many, and for his assistants, Conte also attaches great importance to the guarantee of the contract and the length of the contract. Antonio Conte made too many demands, and Conte’s breach of contract Gold is up to 40 million euros.

苏亚雷斯说,孔戴目前的教练团队太多了,对于他的助手们来说,孔戴也非常重视合同的保证和合同的期限。安东尼奥·孔戴(Antonio Conte)提出了太多要求,孔戴违反合同的金价高达4000万欧元。

Inter Milan’s star said: “Conte’s team, they should buy a club by themselves so they can do what they want. Conte keeps complaining, if you don’t give Conte what he wants, Conte will say he You have to choose. Conte’s own behavior has made him almost on the verge of get out of class."