Tea is one of the most loved beverages across the world, commonly known as Adam’s Wine! The oldest mentions of tea can be found in accounts of Chinese emperor Shen Nung who was a herbalist, in around 2373 BC. However, it started spreading to the other parts of the world in the 17th century and finally entered the Anamalais region in 1897.


Waterfall Tea Estate | Credits – Pravin Shanmughanandam

Waterfall Estates Pvt. Ltd – one of the pioneers of tea in the Valparai region, is our destination for the day, where we will be walking the plantations and visit the tea factory to understand the nuances of tea cultivation. One of the prominent cultivators and manufacturers of Tea in Valparai region, Waterfalls Estates produce the finest of tea powder blends – amounting to nearly 3 million kgs each year

Participants will be given an orientation by the assistant manager, about the estate, history and cultivation of tea, workforce within the company, topography of the Anaimalai Hills.

Stages of tea making | Credits – Pravin Shanmughanandam

Stages of tea making | Credits – Pravin Shanmughanandam

Then we will proceed onto a walk amidst the scenic tea plantations, to witness and understand the nuances of tea plucking – the knack to pick the tender leaves, best suitable for processing.

After lunch, we will be taken around the factory by a senior official from the estate, who will explain the different stages of production that happens through the gigantic machinery that performs the shredding, crushing, drying and withering of the freshly plucked tea leaves.

After a step-by-step tour of the factory, aided with expert guidance, you will understand what goes into the making of a cup of tea.

A stroll into the estate | Credits – Pravin Shanmughanandam

A stroll into the estate | Credits – Pravin Shanmughanandam

After experiencing the journey of tea leaves into aromatic powder you will finally be presented with a steaming hot beverage of various kinds of teas manufactured and marketed by the estate for tasting.

You will also get to know and understand more about the Anaimalai hills, which is a nature’s abode that used to be filled with dense forest cover, cleared over time for the cultivation of tea. While many animals, trees, birds and even insects got displaced, due to loss of their natural habitat, they have now adapted to live in the tea estates. Right from the biggest of mammals – the elephant – to elusive carnivores like leopards, sloth bears and even tigers now thrive among the lush, green bushes.

The tour also presents the participants with the opportunity to sight other species which are thrive in this region like Indian gaurs, lion-tailed macaques, Malabar Giant Squirrels, Nilgiri tahr, birds like Malabar Whistling Thrush, Rufous Babblers, Bulbuls, Great Indian hornbill, etc.,

Note: The tour can also be customised for Colleges, Corporates and other Travel groups.

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