Thadam Treks are organized amidst one of the hot spots of biodiversity, the Anamalais – a unique ecological tract that has an undulating topography and climate variations which support a wide variety of flora and fauna. Treks here help you cover by foot, a significant segment of the Western Ghats, which possesses many endemic species and is a unique ecological tract rich in biodiversity.

Trekking at Topslip (Read More)

A trek through the thick, dense tropical evergreen forests of the Ulaandy range is the best opportunity to explore the bio-diverse rich forests of Anamalai’s.

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Credits – Pravin Shanmughanandam

Trekking at Parambikulam (Read More)

Walk the trail that passes through the enchanting natural world and beautiful evergreen forests with a mosaic of numerous endangered medicinal plants and orchids.

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Credits – Pravin Shanmughanandam

Trekking at Chinnar (Read More)

A trek towards the majestic Thoovanam waterfalls, where river Pambar flows eastwards through the sanctuary, with its breathtaking silvery cascade.

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